yesterday seems so far away

Put a waistband on the petticoat still haven’t done it
Sew wings onto overskirt
Sew snaps between wings and overskirt
Make white undershirt
Finish adding lace trim
Add black trim
Figure out claps on vest are they bows or frog clasps?
Pattern and cut sleeves
Make ruffles for sleeves
Make red crosses/trim
Assemble sleeves
Pattern and cut poncho
Make cross designs on poncho
Assemble poncho
Make ribbons [neck and hairties]
Order/buy wig
Pattern out Nago

Cleaned the Sweatshop before the Group came in a stormed the place hahahahahaha. Finally made all my closures and glued the ends together with StichWitchery. Brilliant move on my part.

BUT. I didn’t have the iron setting high enough so it took forever for it to fuse on the knots. Now its a big melted mess and I’m not happy and DAMMIT I MIGHT AS WELL REDO THEM.

But later. Not now. Later, when I’ve finished all the major pieces and have time to do things like handsewing and cleaning up edges and whatnot. Everything just needs to be done.

The Group’s meeting up at the Sweatshop in about… an hour and I haven’t even gotten dressed yet. I’ve been up since 6:20 after going to bed at 1 am. I hate my internal clock.

At least, my mom is allowing me to bring up my sewing machine to the lake. I can work, thank God.


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