I have yet to find a really good way to apply appliques.

There’s the many applique stitches available on my machine but those were created with quilting in mind. Not to say that they won’t work since I have yet to try them. XP

Another alternative is to use a zigzag stitch with a short length and width. Hopefully the stitches will be so close together that they’ll look like one of those profession embroidery machines did it.

Right now, I’m working on the second set of appliques for Rachel. The ones on her sleeves are slightly easier than the crosses on her overskirt (since I spent nearly a week of trial and error on those suckers) but now I’m worried about the amount I’ll have to do on her poncho/shawl/cape/whatever the heck that thing is around her shoulders.

To take a page out of showcase cosplayer Envel, it probably would have been smarted to put interfacing behind them and embroider the edges so they don’t fray but… I am a lazy bum with no patience for decorative stitching this late in the game.

On an slightly different topic, I went hunting for the manual to look up how to use the needle threader (since I fail hardcore like that) when I found the page on “how to sew buttons with your machine!”


I love the world right now.


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