I’m a bitch and I know it

Still haven’t finished that damn capelet. One setback after the other. I’m so frustrated I wrongly started blaming Laura and I know I’m wrong and a bitch for doing so. I’m lashing out because of stress and she’s working with me most of the time so she’s an easy target for my misplaced anger.

Really, I’m angry at myself more than anything.

Oh I apologized. Gave her a big hug and told her I was sorry and I didn’t mean it.  I’m acting out like a spoiled brat.

TnT is in two days and I’m nowhere near ready. I’m shuffling around costumes and swearing constantly. I have to finish that capelet tonight–think I’ll skip out on Therese’s birthday so I can finish it.

On a more positive note. I found carving blocks for the soles of my boots and gave them to Buckle to cut with John’s bandsaw. She’s skeptical about them working since I designed them so literally, but I’m confident they’ll work. I haven’t been thinking and brainstorming for a month for no reason.

After all, the key to the boots’ success is all dependent on one thing: me.


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