new project~!

Despite the fact that I have a million others to finish, I’m gonna start on a new project. XD

Actually, this is a remake of an old costume. I made this Tsubasa Chapter 100 splash costume when I was sixteen and so ridiculously inexperienced.

When I pulled out my first attempt, I was appalled (per usual) at just how horrible it looks. Large seam tape, unfinished edges, missing pieces, wrong colors… it was a walking disaster.

Since I’ve recently made master-level with THE BITCH, it’s time to remake the dress of doom.

I bought most of the materials yesterday, spent a whopping $109.68 on Kona and Sateen cotton alone. T_T I forgot that there’s yards upon yards of material in that dress, even though it doesn’t seem like it when I pick it up.

The first time, the dress was done in a natural/cream color but my brother convinced me to use white this time because it matched with the other three outfits. I hope I’m still pale enough to pull white and pink off… cream looks white against my dark skin tone.

I haven’t decided how the actual dress is put together either. In the past, I had four layers: a dress underneath, a jacket, the obi, and the belt. This time, I’m extending the belt to tie in a nice bow in the back of the jacket (I had it tied underneath where no one would see it), and thinking about separating the dress into a white and pink layer and incorporating the jacket into the white top layer. But, I need to hide the edges of the obi; the tail of the jacket hides that edge.

Ahhh… so many factors to consider. I haven’t even gotten to the part where I’m supposed to have 80 bells sewn at the edge…


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