hanami to-do

I’ve been working these past two months of WordPress inactivity on my Hanami dress [on and off].

Started in September when I went up to the lake for the day. Cut out the white kimono top, the white skirt, the pink skirt, the red collar, and the white puff sleeve. Got to hem the white skirt and sew together the white top, and I pinned the hem of the pink skirt.

I cut the skirts with a little too much of a “scoop” and they’re not as flower petal looking as I had before but… meh. I’m over it. At least, I won’t trip so much?

I stayed in Stillwater last weekend and spent Saturday morning on Xion before switching over to Sakura for the afternoon. That day, I finished attaching the collar and hemming the pink skirt.

On Tuesday, I destressed by working more on Sakura. Cut the 1/2″ gold bias tape I had to make 1/4″ bias tape and sewed it on the collar. That way, the gold doesn’t dwarf me and the proportions look right against my neck. I also cut out the pink top, but I cut it too close fitting and will have to recut one of the pieces and add a zipper. I may change my mind and make it a kimono top as well, but I haven’t decided yet.

Thursday, I came home around 5pm and worked more while watching Tsubasa with my brother in the living room. Cut out the bell sleeves in pink and white, as well as the red trim. Started pinning and shaping the sleeves from the base template as necessary. I found out I cut the pink too short [I measured based on my original work–bad idea]. And just about cried. Got to attach red border to one of the bell sleeves and pinned the other.

Didn’t work Friday. Was super pissed off. Ran to Jo-ann’s [both of them actually] and bought a 29″ piece and a 58″ piece of baby pink Kona to fix my mistakes. Also got an invisible zipper to match.

Today, I went from 8PM to midnight. Finished sewing the red border on remaining sleeve and completely added in the gold bias tape on the already finished one. I put together one of the puff sleeves, as my design for the lower bell sleeve worked out that I could have a greater “puff” than I thought I would. The 29″ pink Kona I bought yesterday was big enough to back one of the sleeves, so I cut another piece like it from the 58″ pink Kona.

Tomorrow, my mom’s letting me have the day to finish up. I have to run to the store and get more gold bias tape, as well as return the extra black piping from Xion [an exchange?!] but I think I’ll be able to finish…?

Things to sew:

  • Attach gold trim onto other bell sleeve.
  • Cut and sew pink backing to bell sleeves.
  • Sew together other puff sleeve.
  • Attach bell and puff sleeves together.
  • Add gold trim to top of bell sleeve.
  • Finish pink dress top
  • Cut pomegranate sleeves.
  • Make cherry blossom decal on pomegranate sleeves.
  • Sew gold trim to pomegranate sleeves
  • Pattern and cut out pomegranate obi
  • Make cherry blossom decals on obi
  • Sew gold trim on obi
  • Cut white tail
  • Add red border to tail
  • Add gold trim to tail
  • Make red belt
  • Sew gold trim on belt

After that, I’ll be done sewing with my machine! The rest is hand-stitching pink embroidery floss through the bottom of pretty much everything and attaching bells. I’m going all out and adding black beads to the top of each bell. O.O My crown for the most part is also hand stiching. I’m still debating on how to go about making that thing; I’ve seen several variations that I equally like. I do know that I’ll be once again scouring the internet for Chinese knots, as there are several in the crown hanging down.

Wish me luck guys! I’ll try to take pictures of my progress tomorrow with my phone but… I may be too busy working to do that. Ha!


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