hanami | day 6

Things to sew:

  • Attach gold trim onto other bell sleeve.
  • Cut and sew pink backing to bell sleeves.
  • Sew together other puff sleeve.
  • Attach bell and puff sleeves together.
  • Add gold trim to top of bell sleeve.
  • Finish pink dress top
  • Cut pomegranate sleeves.
  • Make cherry blossom decal on pomegranate sleeves.
  • Sew gold trim to pomegranate sleeves
  • Pattern and cut out pomegranate obi
  • Make cherry blossom decals on obi
  • Sew gold trim on obi
  • Cut white tail
  • Add red border to tail
  • Add gold trim to tail
  • Make red belt
  • Sew gold trim on belt
  • Put together pink dress
  • Put together white dress

This dress is totally not getting done by this afternoon. If I’m lucky, it might get done by Halloween… maybe.

I pretty much botched the red border on the sleeves yesterday because I was too lazy to get my artbook out from my car. I could always put in a quick fix seam but it would look so much nicer if I took the whole sleeve apart. I’m pretty mad for being so careless but my dad was yelling at me yesterday to turn the TV off because the title screen for the Tsubasa OVA DVD was playing on loop and I didn’t have a moment to stop and replace the DVD because I was working.


Off to get ready for the day. I think I’ll organize my room for a bit before picking something out of my past cosplay boxes to wear to the party this afternoon.

Damn. I really wanted to wear that dress but it’s supposed to rain!



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