hanami | day 7

Things to sew:

  • Attach gold trim onto other bell sleeve.
  • Cut and sew pink backing to bell sleeves.
  • Sew together other puff sleeve.
  • Attach bell and puff sleeves together.
  • Add gold trim to top of bell sleeve.
  • Finish pink dress top
  • Cut pomegranate sleeves.
  • Make cherry blossom decal on pomegranate sleeves.
  • Sew gold trim to pomegranate sleeves
  • Pattern and cut out pomegranate obi
  • Make cherry blossom decals on obi
  • Sew gold trim on obi
  • Cut white tail
  • Add red border to tail
  • Add gold trim to tail
  • Make red belt
  • Sew gold trim on belt
  • Put together pink dress
  • Put together white dress

Today was just not a good day.

Do you ever have one of those days where you just laze about your house? You have all the time in the world to get things done but you don’t.

When my mom came home today around five-thirty, she asked me how I was doing on this project. I completely froze. I hadn’t touched it at all today and she had a good point: today, there was nothing to do [I didn’t go to the party] and I completely wasted it by eating, reading, and playing the piano.

Sometimes, you need a day off though to put life into perspective for you. Sometimes, you get so busy that even though you have things to do, you choose to rest instead.

I ended up working for three hours after dinner. It didn’t seem like I got something done but I know I did. Mentally, I’m preparing to take the next steps towards completion.

However, I think I may have botched my obi. Never ever trace around designs that were made by an inexperienced cosplayer. No matter how well it worked then. I’m not quite sure what I’ll have to do to make everything proportional and right but eh.

Tomorrow I will clean my room. This week, I will focus on my exams for the next two weeks, perhaps sewing bells if I have a moment. Next Saturday, we have a party at my house, but maybe Friday or Sunday, I’ll have enough time to work.

This sucker will be done by November. Now, to decide what to wear on Halloween…


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