hanami | day 8

Things to sew:

  • Attach gold trim onto other bell sleeve.
  • Cut and sew pink backing to bell sleeves.
  • Sew together other puff sleeve.
  • Attach bell and puff sleeves together.
  • Add gold trim to top of bell sleeve.
  • Finish pink dress top
  • Cut pomegranate sleeves.
  • Make cherry blossom decal on pomegranate sleeves.
  • Sew gold trim to pomegranate sleeves
  • Pattern and cut out pomegranate obi
  • Make cherry blossom decals on obi
  • Sew gold trim on obi
  • Cut white tail
  • Add red border to tail
  • Add gold trim to tail
  • Make red belt
  • Sew gold trim on belt
  • Put together pink dress
  • Put together white dress

In compared to yesterday, today was fairly productive. Managed to clean my room, update my mom’s iPad and laptop, and worked for about four or five hours on this. All that is left on the obi is to finish sewing the main cherry blossom, the gold trim and bells.

I probably should have gone ahead and cut the belt. That would have taken five minutes. :/ Damn.

I can already tell that those bells are going to be the hardest part of the entire costume. Once I get to that, I’ll be sure to write a progress post on how I did it all.

It seems like things aren’t coming together as quickly as I’d like [what, with my slacking off and all T_T] but I know that’s not true. Unlike Rachel, I’m able to work on different layers at a time and not be stuck just on one.

Maybe I should bring up the bells to put on the tail. I’ve already got the gold trim measured and sewn at the corners, so why not? At least, I’ll feel like I did something during the week when I’m not studying for my OChem test on Thursday.


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