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I finished up my hanami cosplay in time for Izumicon. I need to fix the crown so that it’s more stable and can endure a con but other than that, Sakura is done. Didn’t get any photographs from last weekend [well, okay, one] but I’ll have a photoshoot with Sakura soonish. I’ve got photos on my phone showing the construction of the hanami bell fringes. It’s not perfectly accurate, but it works. I’ll save that for a more detailed post later.

I’m in search of a new convention to attend. I would love to attend Fanime in San Jose next spring but… I dunno. Cali is expensive as it is.

My mother wants me to take a break and I honestly do. This year is my off-year from Portal projects but there’s so many things I need to finish. My Dragon Queen dress, Xion, and Dead Master with Bekah as Black Rock Shooter. I still owe my brother Ciel and Syaoran and there’s a million things I want to do as well.

Ugh. I wish had had my Dragon Queen with me. I’ve almost finished it several times but… there’s always something about it I dislike. Maybe that’s because it’s the one dress I started as a “journeyman” and finishing as a “master.” Some things I’d want to redo but that’s money and time that I don’t want to spend since it’s already done. The bodice, the piece I absolutely had to remake, is about a third done but I think I may change my mind about how I want to do it since the second method I tried isn’t exactly easy to do.

Perhaps over Thanksgiving break, in between studying for finals and cooking food, I’ll be able to finish that dress once and for all. It’d be pretty for a winter photoshoot.


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