Alrighty then.

Add two new projects to the line up–one of which might be a secret, so I won’t mention it by name, and the other is one I must haul ass on to finish by next week.

I’m doing a D.Gray-man photoshoot with Kira next week! My brother practically insisted on me doing Crown Clown Allen Walker [he says he didn’t but I know better]. Hopefully, I can finish the exorcist jacket in three days, leaving me time to do the white half-jacket in another three days. Thankfully, my brother is helping me mold the claws out of clay–I’ll post process pics for sure. I know I can do the boot covers in a day, which leaves me… exactly one week to get everything done. And I already know I’m loosing two days to Christmas and my roommate’s wedding reception and to being lazy in general.

The secret cosplay is a project I’m doing with Deanna for TnT next summer. I’m pumped for it–so sick of doing lolita girls with fluffy skirts.

You know, I should go to bed now, so I can actually get up in the morning to take my car to the shop and work on Allen. D:


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