I’m actually going to Naka-kon in three weeks. I’m planning on bringing up Rachel, Sakura, and Ciel–nothing new this time!

Because my shirt for Rachel shrunk, I don’t know if I’ll have time to remake it since exams are starting up this week and the next. I might be able to do a shitty substitute, since the only truly important part about it is the collar, but it still hurts my heart to have to be so sloppy. I worked my ass off making that shirt and it’s easily the most perfect thing in the entire ensemble. Perhaps I might luck out and will only have to take out the darting to compensate for the shrinkage or I might have lost a bit of weight but I doubt that entirely.

Sakura has her headdress that needs to be redone. That will be simple for the most part, but time consuming. The most difficult thing will be getting all those knots right once and for all!

Ciel is perfect as always. 🙂 I just need to double check that all the pieces are still together. Might have to get a new pair of gloves though.

I’ll be going up there Friday night with Laura and meeting Kitty and Jacob at the convention in the morning. Kit said she was going to try and finish Litchi [FINALLY] and I hope she does. I thought she looked wonderful in it.

Besides, her being Litchi is the only thing that makes THE BITCH worth wearing hahahahaha.


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