allegretto | day one

While on a study break yesterday, I was able to cut out my shirt and vest. WOAH. I bought four yards of a white weaver’s cloth [because actual linen is expensive as shit O.O] and I used pretty much all of it. That never happens to me; usually there’s about three-quarters to a yard left over.

I had even botched the front of my shirt [forgot to factor in buttons] but there was still enough fabric for me to redo it.

Afterwards, I cut out my vest with just enough fabric left. After checking a rough fit, I gathered all the scraps and started testing for color.

With Rit dye, it’s probably best if you follow the instructions. Me being stupid, read them and promptly ignored them. You’d think, after the fabric fiasco with Ada last summer, I’d remember how to do this in my sleep but no.

With Allegretto, his vest is something of an anomaly. It’s blue-green-gray all at once. Deanna and I briefly discussed using broadcloth or cotton because of the myraid of colors, but when it came time to buy the fabric, she suggested dying white linen.

I liked the idea of using linen because of its weight. Since Allegretto is a street urchin, it would make sense for all his clothes to be rugged and homespun. Dying would allow me to match the color of his vest to my tastes.

I filled up a storage tub with two large mixing bowls full of hot water from the sink. I poured in about a third of my teal colored dye into the bucket and got this:

It was too teal so I threw in another large bowl of hot water to dilute the dye.

Still too teal for my tastes. I opened up the gray dye and threw in about a third of it.

Not gray enough. We’re getting there but not yet. I poured almost the entire package of gray dye in the bin.

This might be as close as I’m going to get. This scrap is a little light so I picked up another scrap and dyed it a little longer.

This second attempt was much better so I dyed the vest. There were random splotches of red that gave me a heart attack but most of it was in areas that were either going to be cut off or hidden. I think those red parts are actually blood, seeing as my skin was extremely dry before I started doing this and the hot water/dye combination probably irritated it further and caused me to bleed. I set it outside to dry for a couple hours before throwing it an air dry cycle in the dryer.

In adding the gray, it’s now a blue-gray color and we lost the green tint. I’m okay with the color but I might run the fabric through another teal wash if it bothers me. I’ll have to test it.

The most important thing that I forgot: laundry detergent. I’m surprised this whole thing even worked.


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