allegretto | day three

Damn it. I figured out what was wrong with the shirt collar that I kept angsting about yesterday. As it turned out, it was a problem from the get-go. I cut the collar line t-shirt style instead of oxford style, hence the weirdness whenever I tried to leave the top two buttons undone.

I’m going to get another yard of weaver’s cloth. I hoped it wouldn’t come down to that but… you gotta do what you gotta do.

At the very least, I can edit the collar I spent hours on yesterday to be the new collar and I’ll have enough leftover fabric from the front of the shirt to make the tie. If I happen to botch it again, there should be enough fabric leftover to try one last time.

Also, I’m going to pick up buttons, black embroidery thread, and cream thread. There’s a black contrast stitch on most of his clothes, but on the shirt, I think it’d look weird to have random black threads so I’ll probably do that in cream. If I’m lucky, maybe Jo-ann’s will have the rhinestones I need; if not, I found a great seller on Amazon who sells them for cheap in all sorts of sizes and quantities.

Time to do my morning routine. Then box buying to pack up the Sweatshop.


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