holla ’em ideas out

Hey guys!

Since I currently have possession of all the costume supplies, Buckle said it was alright if I went through and got rid of our ridiculous cotton stock in some fashion or another at TnT.

I thought about making kanzashi flowers – either as hair ornaments, necklaces, pins, etc. – but they’re so time-consuming, I might not do it. Maybe three or four really easy ones.

Then I thought about making plush toys, but cottons is usually unsuitable for that kind of thing. Laura has all the fleece so I’m not even going to go there.

Bags were another idea I was tossing around but we still have dice bags that Garrett made last summer. If I were going to do bags, they’d probably end up being purses, tote bags, or electronic cases.

Then I thought I’d make easy, cheap cosplays. After that, I hit a dead end. I don’t particularly like doing commission work, and I’d have to make three or four of a costume in a single size and in each of the three common sizes. Eesh. Sounds like a nightmare in the making.

I threw around quilting square sets as well, but we’re at an anime convention, not a quilters’ expo.

So while I move all the fabric to a new home to a box under my bed, help me brainstorm? Please?


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