allegretto | day four

Last night, I cut out new front sections for my shirt and finished all the hems using a quilting lock stitch that I don’t know the name of hahaha. The collar still wouldn’t lay right after ironing the button closure flat so I took it off.

It was then that I remembered that in high school, the girls had an oxford shirt that was exactly like the one I was trying to recreate.

I felt like a fool. For years, I relied on that blue shirt to get me through countless projects. After cleaning my room, I forgot what a gem it really was.

So I pulled it out of my closet again, tried it on, and WAHLAH! Perfect match.

Today, I’m going to study the shirt some more and finish it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start on the vest today because Michael and I are going shopping tomorrow and I want to buy my belt notions then.

Speaking of belts, I think I need to tint mine a dark red or brown or something. After studying reference pics, I realized the one I bought is too… bright.


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