allegretto | day five + six

I’m combining entries because I’m super lazy and I really did a day’s work in two days. I should probably stop slacking off…


On day five, I cut out a new collar using my school shirt as a template. I think it’s too small but I’m holding onto it because it’s still not lying the way I want them to. Finished off the hems where the button closure is and after about an hour’s worth of study, realized I need to shape the collar of the shirt more. So I cut off a little bit more in a scoop-esque shape before giving up and watching Dream High 2.

Oh asian dramas. They’re so addicting. :3

On day six, I went shopping with Michael for our cosplay projects. Bought an eyelet kit to do the eyelets on well… everything as well as black and white embroidery floss. I tried looking for a cord that matched the one on the sides of Allegretto’s vest, but I didn’t find anything. Hancock’s may have what I need, but I haven’t been over there yet.

Still need to cut that piece between the collar and the shirt before determining if I need to make a new collar, alter the old collar, or use the second collar. Then buttons and hems and the shirt will be done!

Yeah. I really need to stop slacking.


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