allegretto | day seven

Cut a new collar. It’s finally the right shape, but it’s a little low in the back. At that point, I threw my hands up in the air, danced a little to JJ Project’s “Before this Song Ends,” and said “FUCK IT.”

I have cut a total of four collars by now. Every single one of them had something wrong with them but I’m so tired of looking at this stupid shirt that I’m over it. One day, I may go back and fix that, but I have too much stuff to do right now.

Also cut and sewed in a piece of bias tape to hide the raw seam between the collar and shirt. I had to fold it over before it will lie properly on the shirt.

Later, I’ll put one last seam on the collar bias tape before I’m finally done with that part! I marked where the buttons should approximately go but I have to go back and make sure everything is even.

I also pinned the vest together and marked approximately where I need to cut to make the V-neck. I won’t do anything until my shirt’s finished, but it’s a nice start for that piece.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, I’ll be able to finish the shirt and vest so I can do the pants the week after. Then it’s on to the belt pieces and bags. :/


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