allegretto | day eight

I actually got a lot accomplished yesterday. 😀

  • Sewed on the buttons on the shirt.
  • Made the button holes.
  • Tacked down the collar bias tape.
  • Cut the lining for the vest.
  • Cut the collar on both the lining and the vest.
  • Sewed the lining and vest together.

I didn’t hem the shirt yet because I’m waiting to make the pants before I hem both the shirt and vest. I figured out [private school uniform FTW] that the shirt-tails that stick out from under the vest are achieved by tucking in the shirt in the back only. After I steal one of my brother’s uniform shirts to study the hemline [they’re different, take my word for it], I’ll finally be done with that piece!

Today, I’ll primarily be working on the vest. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to the point where all I need to do is embroider the quarter rest on the collar and the hem. Then again, who knows? I made plans to eat froyo with my bestie at three so we’ll see how today goes. 🙂


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