allegretto | day nine pt. two

I hate pants with a fiery passion. I always feel like I’m never doing them right and patterns confuse me so much.

Initially, I was going to use my shorts pattern, the same one I used for Natsume, and widen it at the leg. But after doing some research as to how other people draft their pants, specifically, a pair of bloomers, I dug out my trusty capris, folded it in half and drew an inch around it.

Without really thinking about it, I took the design I drew on the fabric, folded the fabric over once, and cut off the extra material. Then I cut out the pattern.

To my surprise, I actually mirrored the design like you’re supposed to for left and right legs. I didn’t cut out the front of the waist which is probably what saved my butt there. Of course, later, I will cut the front lower and add a waistband.

Pinned the thing and tried it on. Moment of truth, guys.


They’re too long, but I expected that since I still need to gather them below the knee to create that poof Allegretto has. Nothing has been sewn, just pinned, but I can’t start sewing until I create the ridges in the brown strip going down the side of his leg and I get rivets and triangle rings. I might have to make the rings though. :/

Holy crap. I’m so excited. I didn’t think this would happen.


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