allegretto | day ten

Actually got a lot accomplished today! I went to Jo-ann’s and bought a rivet tool and another set of jewelry pliers. I don’t know why mine keep vanishing… it’s really frustrating because the last one I bought was an all-in-one pair…

I also bought 16 gauge wire to make the triangle rings on my pants. I thought I still had the rivets that I didn’t use for Sora’s shoes but they too have mysteriously vanished…

Sewed a piece of microsuede so it had ridges. It took forever and the lines aren’t even even. :/ It got to that “FUCK IT” point around three in the afternoon.

Sewed and faked-serged the outer seam of my pants so I could attach the suede to have that random pant decal. I also attached the suede to one of the pant legs; I’ll do the other in the morning because I have this killer headache.

Tomorrow, I have to go back to the store and get rivets. I’m also planning on buying some cotton for our Polka–not that she knows that. 😛

Then, to clean the house before Laura comes over to sew on Saturday and hopefully finishing up the details on my pants so I can put it all together on Saturday…


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