polka | day one

Laura and I managed to cobble together most of the materials for Polka [for $40 bucks–yeah!] over the last few days. It was difficult picking out the fabrics we wanted Polka to have. We knew we had to stay closer to the cottons, lines, and whatnot because she’s a village girl.

In the end, I had Laura buy white weaver’s cloth to match Allegretto’s and she found brown microsuede at her house in the shade we needed. Since Deanna, Laura, and I both used microsuede in our pieces, it only made sense that Polka should have some kind of suede in hers as well.

Laura bought an orange suede for the overskirt and shawl. I hoped she would get cotton, but the suede is nice. My only worry is that it’s going to be heavy and it won’t float the way we need it to. I guess suede makes sense to use, especially since Polka does a lot of traveling and would wear pretty sturdy clothes.

She also got embroidery floss and felt to do the details.

We got together at the house to sew yesterday and, true to my horoscope, I didn’t get jack-shit done on Allegretto. The most I did on him was move the pants out of the way from time to time.

However, we did manage to cut out the bodice, skirt, and sleeves of the underdress with enough fabric leftover to create the ruffles on the shawl.  I created the ruffles on the underskirt in a similar fashion to Rachel’s [minus the box pleating], sewed them on, and Laura serged the edge. She then changed the top thread of my machine to an ivory color and topstitched the seam down so we could achieve both the random top stitching and holding that seam in place in one move.

I sewed the bodice together so we have something for Liz to try on when we fit her tomorrow. We’re putting in darts and cutting a square neckline.

I cut the sleeves too wide because I didn’t know how muscular her arms were. Tomorrow, I’m going to fit them better to her arm and serge all the seams of the bodice before attaching the skirt. I have her basic measurements and I’m going to attempt to make the orange overskirt. If anything, I can make the waistband, hem the edge, and close the skirt today. We only need to measure the length before it’s finished.

Laura took home the brown microsuede and is working on the corset today.

We need to get into Michael’s house and get the bolt of black broadcloth we bought a while back. We want to use it to save some money but at the same time, I don’t want to use it because it’s cheap and everything else we used is expensive looking. I might dig through my own storage and see what cotton I have before deciding what to do. Whatever it is, we cut the black camisole out of jersey knit, but further research showed we didn’t have enough knit to achieve a seamless design.

The strange thing about Eternal Sonata is that it always feels like you haven’t accomplished anything, but then you look back and realized you’ve accomplished a lot of things.


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