allegretto | day fifteen + polka | day two + three

Yesterday, I worked some more on Allegretto and Polka and got some crucial elements done on both. They’re about halfway done!

Allegretto | day fifteen:

  • Sewed the princess seams, despite the many mistakes and screw ups.
  • Also sewed the princess seams in the lining, which was a bitch to do.
  • Sewed the piping on the collar.
  • I accidentally dipped the vest in the paint Laura was using and spent a good twenty minutes scrubbing it out. Thankfully, it all came out.
  • everything fits. do you know how excited I am?

Polka | day two:

  • Cut the new camisole, sleeves, apron, and apron pocket.

Polka | day three:

  • Cut the shawl.
  • Sewed together the apron.
  • Laura cut out the felt flowers and clovers and made the templates for all the embroidery.
  • Deanna painted the sleeves.
  • I sewed the striped trim on the sleeves.
  • Laura serged the camisole together. All that’s left is fitting and cutting the shapes out of the bottom.
  • Laura installed the grommets in the corset and painted them to match.

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