allegretto | day seventeen

Yay! Got a lot done today. 😀

  • Picked up more piping so I can do the bottom.
  • Also picked up another dressmaker’s pencil because mine is about to die
  • Got all my stuff out of Michael’s house so I can work from home. And… I just realized I left my shirt there. Damn. I don’t think I need it though so it’s all good.
  • Embroidered the quarter rest on the collar of my vest. It’s my first time ever doing so and it looks fantastic for a beginner. Much thanks to Laura for letting me borrow one of her embroidery hoops.
  • Cut the bottom of my vest and the lining to match.
  • Sewed the piping on the bottom of the vest.
  • Marked the eyelets on one side of the vest. I need to find my ruler in the mess called my room so I can mark the other side.

I totally forgot to buy some white cord at the store today, but I think I originally wanted to use embroidery floss… hm… decisions, decisions.


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