allegretto | day nineteen

Finally started on my belts last night. I cut the necessary pieces of interfacing for the shoulder belts and darted the pauldron so it would curve upwards when sitting on my shoulder. I have to trim them to get the correct width, but it’s going.

Also realized that the belting I bought for the waist was too short and the color was grossly off. I could dye it but I don’t know if I want to risk that or not. I’m also searching for belt notions to cover the ends of the belt and slide over the belt. If I can’t find any by Saturday, I guess I’ll have to fake them using either Sculpy, Wonderflex, or interfacing.

Oh. that’s an idea. Use Wonderflex for the pauldron.

Nah. I have to do too much stitching on it.

I may have also thought of a way to get that nice heart shape on the back. I’ll stitch the top together using thread and hook the bottom to the belt that wraps around my side. The hook will be hidden in the heart and the catch with be hiding in the end cover.

Gah. I think I’ll need more interfacing just to do my boots…



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2 responses to “allegretto | day nineteen

  1. Could you take some pics of your cosplay progress? I just like the added visual of pictures to help me follow along a cosplay’s progress, if I may be so bold as to ask =.=

    • Callista Miralni

      Oh yes! I completely forgot to upload some of the ones on my cell phone but I will post pictures tonight as I work on the belt pieces. 🙂

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