allegretto | day twenty + twenty one + twenty two

Man, it’s been a busy last four days.

On Thursday, I worked mostly on Polka. Managed to cut out the shapes on the bottom of her black camisole shirt thing. Deanna had to modify the corset Laura made because it was too visually heavy on her. We also discovered that we didn’t cut the neckline of the white under dress low enough so we marked that and have to fix it. Went back to Allegretto and worked more on sizing the belts.

On Friday, I finally got to work on Allegretto some more. Had to remove the tie holder because it was too low on me but I sewed the edges together to make a slip on version of it. There’s quite a bit of Fray check on it to make sure it won’t fray. We moved over to Buckle’s house that day and have converted the upstairs den into Asian Cosplay Sweatshop #12000000. I made Jazz’s shirt for Buckle that day. It’s so awesome, I’m even amazed by how well it fits.

On Saturday, Buckle added Wonderflex to my boots to build them up because they’re calf length and I need them to be knee length. I hammered eyelets into Jazz’s shirt and my sweater vest. I turned some leftover piping into cord using scissors and Fray Check, threaded it through the eyelets on my vest, and taped the ends. I also sewed in the lining. For some reason, the lining wasn’t quite long enough in the bottom in some places so I had to use Stitch Witchery to keep the fold shut from where the top stitched missed it. Played around with the belts some more before cutting the microsuede. I think one of them is too long but eh. Whatever. I’ll fix that as I go.

Sunday, we moved all our stuff out of Michael’s house since he’s selling the place before his dad trashed it. I picked up Buckle’s den and got Allegretto’s stuff out so I could continue working at home. Which is where I am now–Monday afternoon, at home, not working yet. XP

No pictures yet by the by!


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