allegretto | day twenty three

So last night, I was hell bent determined to finish my belts entirely, only to run into a few… complications.

First, the lighter interfacing I was using to back pretty much everything except my pauldron? Not fusible. Wow. Great. There’s a whole other four hours spent stuffing interfacing into pieces and pinning them closed. I’m still not done putting interfacing into my shoulder belt.

Second, never dye something at night, even if you have more than adequate enough lighting. Last night, I dyed my waist belt a scarlet-brown mixture, was happy with the color, cleaned up, and dried the thing. This morning, I pulled it out of the dryer, blinked a couple times, checked the color and wanted to scream. It’s too red and not enough brown. So there’s a whole other two hours I have to spend re-dying it today.

Then, because I didn’t have the aforementioned two things completed, I couldn’t size my shoulder belt and the waist bag. Also, I put on my entire costume, only to find that the lining which didn’t entirely fit the outside lining of the vest has caused the bottom to wrinkle when worn, even though I checked it a billion times to make sure that it didn’t. If I have time on Thursday/Friday, I’m going to remove the Stitch Witchery from that part, take out the hem, and just let the lining sit where it wants to instead of forcing it into submission. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.


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