eternal sonata | the end

Sorry that I couldn’t write my daily updates for the last week I worked on Allegretto and Polka! It got so busy, I ended up pulling a lot of late nights and even spent the night at Buckle’s on Thursday. O.O I never do that.

We won first place at Tokyo in Tulsa! I’m still reeling from the shock. There were so many good costumes, I didn’t think we’d get anything honestly.

The end result:


Thank you so much to Deanna who really stepped up to the plate and helped me do the last minute paint details on Allegretto. She dry brushed my boots to imitate the look of leather, painted the designs on the back of the shoulder belt, and all the accents on my belts. Laura helped me out by stitching the crosses on my shoulder belt. I could not have pulled off those boots without Buckle’s help; she drafted the construction plan, built up the boots to the necessary height, and gave me so much advice when working with Wonderflex.

Polka was truly a group effort. Everyone pitched it at some point to work on her. Liz looks gorgeous in that dress, doesn’t she? I’m so glad she likes it and that it fits her so well.

We’ll be having a studio shoot for Eternal Sonata next week! Watch out for photos on our facebook and tumblr.


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