ren | day two + three

Went out and visited the Jo-ann’s in Stillwater about a week ago to buy materials for Ren. I got everything except for the ribbon, which I needed the wig to color match.

I bought white cotton and lining for the shirt and a red twill for the skirt and collar. My roommate Amanda helped me color match — thanks love! :3

I also got 1/4″ twill tape for the white trim on the skirt and collar, a zipper for the skirt and red buttons for the shirt. Although, I’m not quite sure why there’s buttons, considering the collar prevents them from being used…


I went home yesterday and found matching red thread and an appropriately sized button for the skirt in the Sweatshop before going over to Luke’s and dropping off my Sweatshop in a Box.

Yeah. Fun stuff yo.


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