ren | day five

Yesterday, after an entire misadventure, I finally got to start on actually cutting fabric.

I measured out how much I needed for the skirt and cut it out. I think I pinned it differently the first time because now it’s a little big on me. I cut the top three or so inches from the fold for the waistband and cut another two inches for the cuffs of the sleeves off the skirt section because it was too long.

I also had time to hem the edge and sew on the white trim. I must say, the trim looks super pretty on the skirt. :3

Re-pleated the skirt and pinned the two pieces together. Right now, it’s about three inches too big. I think I need to sew the sides first, pin the zipper in, and re-pleat the entire thing. When I’m satisfied, I’ll tack down all the pleats and sew in the zipper and waistband.

It’s going slow, but I’m happy with my progress so far. I still need to get a matching ribbon for my neck and I may need to buy another half yard or so of red twill because I’m not sure I’ll have enough to face both sides of the collar.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do exactly for that.

Eh. I’ll wing it.


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