ren | day six + seven + eight + nine

I spent an entire day fixing my skirt. Somewhere down the line, I got the brilliant idea to sew the two sides together and pseudoserge them.

Bad idea, considering it was the side I usually never sew together first.

The next time I worked, I sewed the zipper in and tacked down the pleats. After trying it on, the skirt ended up being too big, just as I feared.

I will never get measurements right it seems. When I say it was too big, it looked like I lost 100 pounds or something.

I cut off about four inches where the first side seam was. It ended up working to my advantage, as the pleats on either side could come together and make it look like one whole skirt.

Started work on the waistband after that. I cut the length needed, ironed it flat and started to pin it to the skirt when I discovered that the tacking stitches are not all the same length and the top stitch started to show about halfway through [it was hidden under the waistband previously].

Man. Skirts are a pain in the ass. Especially uniform skirts. No wonder why my school uniforms were so expensive–they were a pain to make.

Over the weekend, Kira, our other roomie Amanda, and I went hunting for Halloween stuff. Kira is going as a female version of PSY, so we hit up Party Galaxy and found a bow tie for her. Afterwards, we went to TJ Maxx with no results, before find a pair of brown loafers for Ren at Ross for only $18. Amanda is letting me borrow her thigh high stockings, the ones she bought at Wal-Mart awhile back. They have lace at the top but a little deviation isn’t going to kill anybody. 😛

Despite all that, Kira and I placed an order for contacts last Friday and we got them in today! I bought violet ones for Ren, since it seems like she has violet eyes from the tiny TINY render.

Here’s to finishing my damn skirt and working on the shirt this weekend. YEAH. I also might have time to make a brown vest and buy a white eyepatch for Paper Boy Ciel for the Anime club’s Halloween party on Monday.

Damn. So many things to do.


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