ciel | day four + five

While I was in Rome last week for Spring Break, my mom and I went shopping on Wednesday and we found this anime shop tucked away in one of the alley ways by Via del Corso.

While browsing, I found Ciel’s silver and sapphire ring for 9.90 euros.


Granted, the conversion to dollars makes it seem like I overpaid, in reality, I didn’t. There’s also shipping costs to consider.

Now, all I have to get is his gold seal ring and maybe those kick-ass contacts if I’m not horribly broke!

Yesterday, while it started off seeming like it was a bad day, was actually ridiculously productive. I managed to finish all my IRL concerns by 6:30, went home, ate dinner, and started work on Ciel again around 8 pm.

Did the bottom seam on the vest and pressed it flat. I thought about finishing it off entirely and adding the buttons and hook-and-eyes, but I was tired of looking at it, so I moved onto something new.


I’m horrible about making pants. Over the summer, with Allegretto, I actually did it successfully sans pattern, and I had to do it again with Ciel because I left the pattern at home.


I pulled out a pair of shorts, turned it inside out, drew the lines about an inch out from the seams, extended the length, and prayed.

And by some miracle, IT WORKED.

They were really wide in the leg and a bit loose at the hip, but I did that just in case. I added in pockets to the side seams and took in the leg a lot because Ciel’s shorts are kind of tight fitting.

I was going to add in a zipper at the front, but I hate putting in zippers in pants and to be honest, I completely forgot about it.

I still have to put in the waistband, widen the pocket hole so my hands actually fit in without being awkward, take in the hip, and add the cuff and buttons.

But I can’t believe how quickly I made those pants! Hopefully, I’ll be be able to finish the pants tonight.


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