ciel | day five + six

As a destresser, I worked solely on Ciel over the weekend. Originally, my goal was to have everything but the little stuff done (buttons and tie), but because I’m also bringing Allegretto to the shoot and he’s in dire need of repairs, my goal was now to finish the whole thing.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Let’s go item by item.


First of all, I used a bleached white, high thread count muslin for its breathability. Using a t-shirt, I drew my pattern, cut it up, sewed it together and tried it own.

For the first time in my life, it magically came together in one try.

It was a little short in the front but that was to be expected because I still have to add in the button closure.

Cut the sleeves an inch too small and by that time, I didn’t have enough fabric so I had to go to the store to get more. I got it right the second time, sewed it and the button closure own, hemmed the bottom, and had to stop grinning like an idiot.

Now came the toughest part: the collar.

I measured one out but the actual neck opening didn’t match up with the length of the collar. I put off cutting the front of the neckline because I wasn’t sure how low to cut. I spent four hours on different lengths and heights and gathering the back of the shirt before I got fed up and sewed it on after cutting the front neckline out.

Which may or may not have been a mistake.

Now it’s too wide and doesn’t sit properly against my neck. At this point, I had to move on to something else or I was going to throw the whole thing away. If I have time Friday night, I’m going to redo the collar and gather the shirt because it’s a little loose around my top torso.

The next day, I sewed on the buttons and buttonholes. It didn’t hit me until after I opened the buttonholes that I sewed them horizontally instead of vertically but I stopped caring by that point lol.

I also sewed on the cuffs before midnight hit and I called it quits on Sunday. I still need to put on the pearl button and sew the buttonhole on the cuffs.


Like I said before, these are probably the most comfortable pants I’ve made yet.

They were loose, so I added in darts to the front and back waist to tighten them. I made the dart in the front run all the way to the bottom because there is a distinctive seam there.

The waistband was pretty easy, just measuring and cutting for the most part. I still have to add hook and eyes to it though.

Originally, I put in pockets at the seams but after nearly 18 hours of trying to make them lie flat without either A) the pocket bowing out or B) the lining showing, I seamripped it out and sewed up the sides. I don’t think pockets were very Victorian anyways.

I cut the length to just above my knees and added the cuffs. I debated on having a true button closure on the cuffs but I decided that was too much work and it would look terrible in the end. The buttons still need to be sewn on but the pants are pretty much done.


I only bought the materials but I’ll tell you about it!

In the reference, Ciel’s tie appears to be white with three dark stripes. That seemed a little strange and I couldn’t find anything that remotely matched it.

I didn’t bother trying to make my own ribbon because it’s terribly time consuming and time is something I don’t have right now.

I picked an 1.5 inch wide sheer ribbon with white stripes. Sheer ribbon usually holds its shape rather well. I paired it with a button that matches the ones on my pants. I still have leftover black tie string from my vest so I’m using that as well.

I will post a tutorial in the future on how I made my tie because it’s a common motif in Kuroshitsuji and other period mangas.

In short, I almost accomplished my goal but not quite…


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