alice | pandora hearts

I absolutely hate this costume.

Now that Pandora Hearts is gaining popularity (I made this waaay before the anime was released and the manga was licensed in the States… what does that tell you?), I feel like I would be cheating myself if I didn’t put forth my best effort.

And unfortunately, I don’t have time to redo the costume before Tokyo in Tulsa.

I’ll be remaking the coat as an actual jacket in scarlet and white broadcloth. I’ll also be handmaking the lace edging; after much internal debate, I’m going to go with what the anime portrays as the cuffs: red triangles bordered in white. Going to actually sew on the diamonds on my sleeves and remake a better piece of that middle section. Meh.

That bow is the devil and I’d love to remake it just a little bit smaller… and sturdier.

Then I’m going to find a white long-sleeve button down shirt and make a really short black pencil skirt. And I bought white gloves from Party America.

The boots are currently the first and (hopefully the last) pair of shoes I’ve ever made and they HURT LIKE HELL. I put it together literally the day before con and they are ghettotastic to the max. But they looked decent enough for me to wear them. Those suckers alone took me a whole fourteen hours to make and the upper part was coming off the shoe it covered at about four-forty-five pm first day of con. I guess they weren’t meant for constant abuse.

I was going to get hair extensions but I won’t have them done by TnT so that got scrapped. Other than that, I’m straightening my natural hair and giving the top section of my bangs an emo hair flip XD I’ll also be making her hair clips at the end of her plaits out of clay.

Like I said before… I absolutely hate this costume. But at the same time, I’ve also grown attached to my botched effort.

Go figure.

Awards: Portal Productions’ Ducky Award for Best Craftmanship, Oklahoma State Anime Society Halloween Party 2nd Place

Worn: Tokyo in Tulsa 2009, Izumicon 2009


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