alice [vol. 1 DVD artwork] | pandora hearts

There are several things that need to be fixed.

+ The neckline needs to come down an inch.
+ There needs to be a ribbon sewn on the front
+ I need to redo the “cage” on my leg
+ I didn’t realize it before, but I need to make the collar as well
+ Still haven’t found a pair of red heels

Pretty simple dress, aside from those details. It’s actually my favorite project of the year. It’s fully lined in black and made out of tango red satin. I actually wasn’t going to make a longer back skirt but reason won out and WAHLAH! A fully lined red backskirt as well.

I’m actually quite proud of this dress. Hopefully, I’ll be able to wear it at Tokyo in Tulsa, but we’ll see if I get my other two projects done first!

Awards: never!

Worn: never!


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