ash ketchum | pokemon

So… there’s actually a story behind this one.

At my school, they were having a “Twin Day” where you and a friend dress up as a pair of identical twins or as a famous pair.

It screamed “FREE COSPLAY DAY” in a private, snobbish prep school. Hahahaha- cosplay in a prep school.

So it hit me: ASH KETCHUM

My friend agreed to be Misty as my famous pair. So we were Ash and Misty.

My brother has the Pokemon League hat Ash wears, and I have a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. So all I needed to do was make the jacket.

Let me tell you, fastest cosplay job in existence. And I think I did a pretty good job. I didn’t get a chance to buy the gold snap closure but when I do, it’ll be done. No one recognizes me without the hat though- found that out when Kira decided to steal my hat for third block.

It was fun though. The jacket looks nice for an amateur like me. I did screw up though, but no one can see it. The inside seam on the right sleeve came undone and I have to figure out how to fix that XD.

I pinned my hair back instead of using a wig because it was the night before Twin Day when I threw this together and didn’t have time to buy or style a wig. It came out okay though.

Awards: when a bunch of prep kids recognize you as Ash Ketchum, you know that they’re not completely ignorant and relish in the fact that they too are secretly nerds

Worn: at school


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