ciel phantomhive [vol. 6/musical] | kuroshitsuji

This is one HELL of an outfit. T_T

Put together specially for the FUNIMATION fanart contest, I missed the deadline for that one but decided to finish it anyways. Then I found out about the ACP contest. XD WIN.

Black cotton sateen used for the jacket, velvet panne for the cuffs and for the tail (? what is that thing anyways?). Black satin, graciously donated by a friend, was used for the bow in the back and to line the tail.

Shorts were bought at the thrift store and modified.

Roses were also donated by the same friend, with the exception of one rose (the big one) which was made from leftover satin. The beads are hanging bridal decoration (that’s what the packaging said) and the brooch was actually the pendant of a Kuroshitsuji necklace my mom gave me from her last trip to the Philippines.

Shoes are a pair of boots because it’s freakish cold where I live right now. The correct shoes will be worn in the summer months.

Top hat was bought at Spencers and decorated by my best friend Deanna. She took a little artistic license with it but it looks amazing anyways! ^^

Gloves and eyepatch were bought at Party America.

Awards: never!

Worn: Naka-kon 2012


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