edouard de villefort | gankutsuou

Gankutsuou was a dark time in Portal’s  history. Few pictures exist of it and I’m not in a single one of those pictures. We’re not proud of it… we were totally over our heads for that one.

But it is still the first costume I’ve made so it’s got a special place in the dark corner of my heart. My mom bought the shorts from Dillards and we color matched symphony broadcloth for the shirt. I patterned the sailor collar off of an old Sailor Mars costume I had as a kid and tacked it in three different places. I made the tie out of broadcloth as well.

Nuds and Deanna painted the animals onto my clothes for me. We lost the time somewhere in between Deanna’s house and A-kon so I never wore it. I can’t remember what I did about the sailor hat either.

I’m not proud of Edouard but it was a first attempt!

Awards: never!

Worn: A-kon 2008


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