hitsugaya toshiro | bleach

My 2010 Halloween costume!

I started reading Bleach because of a recommendation from a friend but recently, I picked it back up again just to finish the series.

I was also told that I would fall in love with Hitsugaya but I didn’t think I actually would until he showed up. XD

This was also done as a “practice round” in preparation for Peacemaker Kurogane next summer. Everything was made by me out of quilter’s cotton, using taelic’s tutorials on deviantART. The haori is fully lined in green cotton and is my favorite piece (because I usually fail at lining and this turned out so well). The details are iron-on appliques.

I chose a soft gray-white for the hair color because according to Tite Kubo’s design notes, that’s what Hitsugaya’s hair color is supposed to be. It’s styled inaccurately for his given age in the manga but if I actually pulled the hair back, it would look awful. :O

The shoes are handwoven out of jute twine. Tabi socks are a modified pair of crew socks.

The sword was one my brother had in his vast collection and was spray painted black (sheath), metallic silver (blade), and stainless steel (handle). The handle is a blue ribbon wrapped accordingly and the hilt is made of SuperSculpey and painted.

I’m extremely proud of this. 🙂 No joke.

Awards: First place Oklahoma State Anime Society Halloween contest

Worn: Izumicon 2010


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