hyuuga natsume [casual] | gakuen alice

So uh… yeah. Hyuuga Natsume. A casual interpretation since I didn’t get my uniform done in time for Scheme’s photoshoot for her SCAD portfolio. T_T

I always imagined that when Natsume’s older, he’d wear something like this. I browsed through countless of fan art on deviantART just to get an idea for a last minute cosplay.

Shirt, as humorously fitting as it is, was borrowed from my brother and bought by my mom at the International Spy Museum in DC. The cargo pants [and yes, they were meant to be worn by women XP] and the jacket [which is actually a boy’s jacket XD] are mine.

I forced my brother to be my human wig head when it came to styling. Not bad for an amateur stylist like myself but… I really wish my brother hadn’t moved his head when I was cutting the bangs. They’re shorter than I would have liked them to be, but at the very beginning of GA, Natsume’s bangs ARE about this length so I didn’t fuss too much. [[they still make me mourn when I see them though T_T]]

And yes, I am wearing both of his earrings. The one on the left ear shows up in most photos but the other one doesn’t most of the time because it wraps around the cartilage of my ear. I spent an entire day trying different ways to make the ear cuff before resigning myself to the one I’m wearing currently.

Awards: never!

Worn: never!



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