hyuuga natsume [winter uniform] | gakuen alice

After a year of slacking off, I finally finished it.

Shorts were handmade and don’t quite match (by like, a quarter of an inch!) on the sides but I was too frustrated with them to redo them.

Shirt was bought at Target and the collar is modified

Sweater is made of a black cotton jersey material. The neck is a little wide so I compensated for that by enlarging the collar of the shirt. I was going to have it button up via snaps in the front but I couldn’t find the snaps or the tool used to put them in place when I needed this to be completed. I found both items recently so I’m going to redo that part.

Wig styled by me. Like I said in my other Gakuen Alice cosplay, I cut it a little shorter than I wanted but it’s okay.

Same earrings as my other Natsume cosplay.

I love this outfit but I’ll never have the chance to wear it at a con! So I gave it to Enzo, who will also probably never wear it.

Awards: never!

Worn: never!


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