noctis lucis caelum | final fantasy versus XIII


When I first saw RainerTachibana’s Noctis cosplay on dA years ago, I knew that it was a costume I’d love to attempt one day. Then Ri-chan showed me the Versus trailer and it was love at first sight.

To the details: The coat is made of a twill-like fabric meant for raincoats. I chose it instead of pleather because I was working on a limited budget, I hated the shine of pleather, and it is ridiculously humid where I live. Design is cut out of black broadcloth, fray-checked, and stitched using a running stitch in silver-gray. It’s not the exact design but by the time I realized it, I was already done. T_T

The accessory pouches are also made of this fabric while the belt is a piece of fabric belting found in the notions section of Jo-ann’s.

The pants are a pair of black scrub pants altered at the bottom for shape. Combat boots were given to me by my uncle, but my brother uses them all the time so they’re technically his. These suckers saw the Gulf War!

The wig is cut and styled by me. I specialty-ordered it online from At first, I was hesitant about buying it but the lower price won me over and now I love it. It shifts color in different lights and angles.

The sword is still in the construction process but once it’s done, this thing will finally be complete. ^^


Awards: none

Worn: Izumicon 2010


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