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Rachel Alucard has affectionately been known as THE BITCH. This is the result of 30-50+ hours of research and was constantly evolving as I found more and more references for her.

The best way to explain Rachel is to go layer by layer:

1) The white petticoat was handmade using two layers of tulle before covered with a layer of pleated white crepe satin. Taking a page out of Envel’s book since the pleating never made it to the bottom of the skirt, I boxpleated and sewed a ruffle out of the same material. The waistband is in need of fixing but no one can see that. XP

2) The black underskirt was made in four pieces of black cotton sateen. Each layer in the front was cut in a triangle and adjusted for length. The edges of those triangles are black crepe stain with a pre-ruffled white trim. The back is a single piece of cotton sateen and the entire thing was gathered by elastic at the waist for extra flare over the already poofy petticoat.

3) The black overskirt is, once again, black crepe satin and is fully lined on both sides. The cross details are done in red crepe satin and edged with white piping. It is pinned in place to the black underskirt.

4) Red wings were cut out of the red crepe satin and edged with handmade black crepe satin seam tape. They are currently pinned to the overskirt as I’m still deciding how permanent I want it to be on myself.

5) Undershirt is cotton sateen and styled exactly like Rachel’s. There is a small ruffled lace trim on the arm seams I found at Wal-mart.

6) The bodice is one of my favorite pieces. It is black cotton sateen on the outside and black lining on the inside, cut for shape, and darted like nobody else’s business. The trim at the bottom is a pretty rose triangle lace I found in Jo-ann’s and it is sandwiched between the two layers. All the frog clasps on the front were handmade out of thin red cording, which were glued shut using StichWitchery and hand sewn on. Because my measurements changed while making it, the bodice is pinned to my shirt. oTL

7) The bell sleeves are two layers of black and white crepe satin respectively and joined together at the top of the sleeve with the same lace trim as the shirt sandwiched between the two layers. The ruffle on the bottom of the white inner layer is made in the same way as the pleats on my petticoat. The red trim was cut out of crepe satin and edged in white piping before being sewn onto the black layer. A round silver button was sewn in the middle of each arrow on the sleeve.

8) The final layer is called a capelet (as I learned…) and it is fully lined and made out of crepe satin. The collar has a stiff, medium weight interfacing inside. The applique designs were cut out of red crepe satin, edged in white piping, and sewn onto the capelet except at the bottom of the design, where they are double faced since they hang freely from the jacket. The same round silver buttons were sewn onto the middle of each cross arm over the shoulders

9) The bow is made of leftover red crepe satin and is as fake of a bow you can make. XD I used taeliac (on dA)’s tutorial for making a fake bow/obi. It has a layer of stiff interfacing inside to hold its shape.

10) Hairties were made from the scraps of black crepe satin and have the same stiff interfacing inside the upper tips so they stick straight up in the air. I haven’t quite figured out a good way to attach them to my pigtails, but pinning them around held up all day during the con.

I will be completely finished with this once I make , make bloomers, finish attaching the uppers of the boots to the soles, and make Nago!

[[holy crap, I did not realize just how complicated this was until I typed it up]]

Awards: 3rd Place at Tokyo in Tulsa 2011

Worn: Tokyo in Tulsa 2011


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