rosa | assassin’s creed II

I had a deal with Laura last summer that if she pulled together a Stella for my Noctis, I would do a character to pair with one of her solo projects.

As it turned out, the one she chose for me to do was Rosa from ACII, to go with her Ezio.

Made in a night… NEVER AGAIN. You’d think I’d learn from my past all-nighter cosplays. T_T

Everything is made of a green woven linen. The pants were scary since I hate making pants and I couldn’t find my stupid pattern. I eyeballed them from a pair of loose capris.

The vest is slightly on the big side, a mistake that worked out well in my favor since Rosa wears men’s clothing anyways. Now that I have time, I’m going to go back and line the thing. The gold trim is one I found in the trim section at Jo-ann’s.

Hat is also made by me and eyeballed from a hat I have lying around in a similar style. I’ve never made one before and this one came out surprisingly well.

The belt is a piece of red fabric with edges sewn together and wrapped around my waist.

Shirt is a deviation from the original but we found this at the thrift store and it worked pretty well for the character design so why not?

Shoes are a pair of white flats. Socks are… socks.


Awards: never!

Worn: Castle at Muskogee Renaissance Faire 2010


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