sakura [hanami rework] | tsubasa reservoir chronicles

This is a remake of my other hanami dress. At the time I debuted it, the crown was in a delicate state and couldn’t be worn around Izumicon. After the semester ends, I’ll be having a photoshoot with the sturdier crown.

Details: everything is made of Kona cotton, with the exception of the white, which is sateen, and the gold centers and black stamens, which are broadcloth. The gold trim is bias tape.

I spent two and a half months making this. Some of it was drafted from the first attempt but a lot of it, I changed. There is a pink dress underneath and a white dress on top. Over that is the obi and the belt.

All 88 bells on the dress are attached to the edge with a handmade fringe made of crochet thread.

The crown was made in the style of kanzashi hair ornaments. I used a tutorial I found on dA. The red knots are ornamental Chinese knotting that took forever and a day to do (and forever and a day to fix).

My mom bought me a pair of gold flats years ago and they went so well with the dress. They are the same shoes I wore with the first attempt.

Awards: never!

Worn: Izumicon 2011, Naka-kon 2012, Tokyo in Tulsa 2012


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