sakura | tsubasa reservoir chronicle

I made this entire thing in about… two weeks if you total up all the time over a one-and-a-half month time span. The pants weren’t too hard (I kept missing the elastic so I had to redo them FOUR times >_<), the skirt was easy enough. The shirt however, was my personal devil. The first time I wore this, I made the front pattern too large but I’d gotten to the point where I just didn’t care anymore. It looked decent enough. But I got sick of angsting over it, so for the Group’s April ’09 shoot, I fixed it and now it looks perfect. ^^

About the jewels- they are special-made ABS plastic pieces covered with a blue costume satin and sky blue sheer [way to use my mad engineering skills]. Unless you have free access to a rapid prototyper, you’re not going to find something that looks like the jewels I have.

I’ve relayered this wig a million and a half times and now, it is finally perfect. SUCCESS.

This is my favorite out of my earlier works! Sakura is one of my favorite characters, be it from CCS or TRC so cosplaying her was so much fun.

Awards: never!

Worn: Izumicon 2008, Tokyo in Tulsa 2009


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