sora || kingdom hearts II


Bought it off of eBay- the whole thing. Shoes were “borrowed” (and consequently never returned to) from my dad. I bought the crown necklace at my first con, and my mom bought the metal Kingdom Keyblade at our local fair… yeah I know, weird place. The gloves also came from the fair and they are sadly falling apart.

The wig was also bought off of eBay and it looked like a wreck when I got it in the mail so my Sempai and I spent eighteen hours the day and night before Izumicon 2007 styling the stupid thing…

I actually made the shoes for an advertisement for Tokyo in Tulsa 2012, but I have no pictures of me in them hahaha.

Awards: none [does “cutest Sora ever” count?!]

Worn: Izumicon 2007, Mini-con 2008, A-kon 2008, Comic-con San Diego 2008, Izumicon 2008, Tokyo in Tulsa 2012 advertisment


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