wanijima agito | air gear

This is Kira’s and my official Twin cosplay!

So, I have the longest ass rant about manga-ka inconsistency with this particular outfit. Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find a decent reference picture from the manga alone? In some pics, Oh!Great has the stripes black-on-white (but the majority of them are white-on-black) and that’s the design I had on my sleeves at first but… shit happened and I ended up seam ripping it all off and reversing them. In most pictures, the backprint isn’t visible but in the official character sketch at the end of Vol. 5 (I think- don’t quote me on that), it’s there. So I went ahead and used the official sketch as my main reference, hence the odd (but extremely awesome-looking) design on my back.

Uh… pretty easy costume. I just made a lot of stupid mistakes in my haste to finish it. I was going to go all out and make a pair of pants but the week of con snuck up on me and I miraculously found a pair of baggy white jeans at Wal-mart that didn’t threaten to fall off my ass. Being short, I hemmed them to a decent length. The frayed edges on the jacket and hooks were trimmed and sealed with liquid fabric sealant because I don’t have the patience or time to sew in lining. Besides, it would get ridiculously hot.

Uh… the long hooks were a bit of creativity. By some odd chance, one hook ended up being slightly thinner than the others (something I still can’t figure out when I individually cut and measured all four for the exact same width). The hooks are stolen off of suction cup swivel hooks and sewn in by some inventive method (don’t ask- I’m not quite sure how I pulled it off either). I was going to sew them onto my pants, but my darling brother wanted to do the Kogarasumaru team jackets with me in the future, so I made them detachable instead (though I wish I had used actual buckles instead of D-rings; buckles are sturdier and withstand more damage).

The wig was bought online from ****This Website Link Has Been Removed due to Recent Forum Spam****.com and it’s the BEST Agito/Akito wig I’ve ever seen for a reasonable price. The color match is PERFECT- Kira ranted about its beauty for a full five minutes when she saw them. Since it’s a character specific piece, all I had to do was cut the bangs to my face and let it fall naturally. Though, if I’m not wearing it right, the bangs look like I’ve cut them too short (something that almost gave me a heart attack).

No A-Ts, just roller blades. I’m cheap like that.

I need a new eye patch. I made one that actually moves (a girl at con freaked out when she saw that) but I think I’m going to make another one a little bit bigger. The patch pressed awkwardly against my eye and made me tear up most of the time (now I know why Agito is always pissed off lol- his covered eye is a freakin’ headache!)

I think that this will end up being one of my favorite costumes to date- I’m going out on a limb this year and trying different characters from my usual stereotype (you know, happy-go-lucky main characters). Although, I think the only one I’m planning for this year that will rival Agito’s awesomeness would be Noct. XD

And I ended up ranting… again.

Awards: never!

Worn: Izumicon 2009


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