zatsune miku [fan spin off] | vocaloid

Actually, I was going to do Hatsune Miku, but Kira convinced me to cosplay this popular fan-made variant so I wouldn’t have to shell out some serious cash that could be better spent on other things.

And it totally gave me the excuse to be a manipulative bitch for a day XD

The costume overall is took me a month to complete. I first made the skirt, eyeballing the pattern from one of my school uniform skirts. I sewed on the red trim at the bottom and hand-painted the yellow equalizer bars

I skimped out on the belt and sewed one long piece of scarlet fabric and wrapped it around myself until I got the belt. XD

The shirt is my personal devil. T_T The baby rickrack would NOT stay in one place at the edge so there’s several gray threads crisscrossing all over the place. Also, it doesn’t fit my body the way it’s supposed to but I gave up towards the end of basic construction. From a foot, it looks alright. Once again, I hand-painted all the details: the numbers on the collar and the name tag.

The sleeves were quite simple. Once again, I painted the equalizer bars on a separate piece of fabric before sewing it onto the sleeve itself. The left sleeve looks better than the right; the bars are more evenly spaced out and thinner, like how the drawings are supposed to be.

The tie was just a matter of learning how to make a tie. XD But I figured it out in the end. It’s not as thin as it’s supposed to be but if I made it any thinner, I couldn’t pull it through itself… The clips are pieces of leftover charcoal folded over and sewn on the tie.

I sold this sometime last year after I added in lining to the shirt, so there it goes!

Awards: never!

Worn: Tokyo in Tulsa 2009


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