allegretto | eternal sonata

I love this costume. When Deanna asked me to do this with her last December, I hesitated because I’d never played the game and we were supposed to be off. But I gave in and it’s one of the projects I’m the proudest of.

1) The shirt was made out of white weaver’s cloth (because actual linen is expensive O.O). The collar’s a little short in the back but by the time I got it put on, I had tried four different things with no success. There’s lace on the cuffs, the same lace I used for Rachel coincidentally. Deanna fabric glued all the jewels for me.

2) The vest is also made of weaver’s cloth and it was dyed using a mixture of teal and pearl gray RIT dye. The quarter rest is embroidered in black floss. All the edging was done with white piping. I accidentally screwed up when doing the lining so it bunches a little awkwardly near the bottom and I can’t fix it because I sealed the raw edges together with StitchWichery. Oops.

3) The tie is also white weaver’s cloth. I think I cut it too short. Oops. I’ll probably fix that before our photoshoot. The tie holder is tan microsuede.

4) The pants are olive wrinkle-release twill. The brown stripes are brown microsuede with ridges sewn in. The rings are made of 16 gauge wire bent into shape. The waistband is elastic because I’m super lazy and was running short of time. There is also elastic in the bottom hem of the legs to give the pants extra flare.

5) The shoulder belt is made of interfacing and brown microsuede. Laura stitched the details in brown and white floss. The quarter rest charms are painted Wonderflex and the sliders are pieces of Wonderflex as well. Deanna painted the back design in gold acrylic. The waist belt is wide belting dyed scarlet and cocoa with Wonderflex accents. Two hook and eyes attach the entire thing together. The side bag is tan and brown microsuede with interfacing. The brown bag is the wrong shape but meh… I was in a hurry. I have to reattach the bag to the belt as it broke right before the cosplay contest from the heavy weight of all the things I stuffed in there.

6) Liz made my bracelet for me using gold metal band, gold head pins, amber mix beads, and gold chain. I have to put in a lobster clasp later to make it stay in place on my upper arm though.

7) My boots are probably the coolest thing. Buckle drafted a construction plan, and I patterned everything out in newsprint before cutting it out of Wonderflex and molding them to a pair of boots I bought years ago for Subaru. I spray painted them brown and Deanna went back and dry brushed them in black and dark orange. Before our photoshoot, I have to fix them because one of the toe details came off and the left boot completely separated from the base shoe. O.O The tan knee guards were also microsuede reinforced with interfacing and I did those at 11pm night before the contest. They help cushion my legs from the Wonderflex rubbing against them all day.

8) Buckle styled the wig. We both agreed that a natural style without any freeze spray or spiking glue suited Allegretto best.

9) I bought the sword on ebay. It broke in the mail but I glued it back together. I need to repaint some of the details.

I have a lot of things to fix that got damaged during con but I’m so proud of this costume!

Awards: 1st place Tokyo in Tulsa 2012

Worn: Tokyo in Tulsa 2012


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