allen walker [crown clown] | d.gray-man

I’m actually semi-impressed with this because it was actually wearable [for the most part].

The black jacket is a bit of a cheat, as the sleeves are short instead of long. It is made of rodeo twill and fully lined.

I need to remake one of the belts, add snaps onto another, and put in all the notions.

The white jacket was a bit of creativity. It is made of leftover white twill [probably from Fai years ago] and also fully lined. I wanted the fur in the back to be a hood but it didn’t work out for the photoshoot. Perhaps when I go back to fix all the little details, I will make it into a hood. The spikes were stuffed with batting for a 3-D effect.

Painted a cross on the back of an extra glove. I didn’t get to make the silver crown bracelet. SHHHHH. That will be done in the future.

The claws were in a trial run and they worked pretty well for the most part. My brother folded them all out of drawing paper [the kind you get in art class]. They slide over my fingers so I can actually use them. :O We’re fashioning rings to go over them and painting them silver and black.

Also, I’m missing an earring. SHHHHH.

Boots were borrowed from Liz. Pants were borrowed from Noctis. Timcampy was also borrowed from Liz.

The wig is actually Hitsugaya. YOU CAN’T TELL, CAN YOU?

Deanna painted the scar on my face using red clown makeup. Then we applied scar make [which hurt like hell], a layer of dark red eyeshadow, and finally brown eyeshadow in certain places to create the illusion of depth.

Awards: never!

Worn: never!


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